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CoA Minutes of 10-11-11
                                                              Council on Aging Minutes
                                                                 October 11, 2011

The meeting was called to order at 6:04 PM.  Roll Call:  All members were in attendance.  Members reviewed the minutes of June 14, 2011.  John made a motion to accept the minutes as read, Pat seconded the motion and the motion was passed.
The chair indicated it had been a while since there had been a review of the bylaws and the role of the CoA members.  Chair then read both and made a suggestion to the board they all review the Bylaws for the November meeting and come with any changes that should be made.   At this time, Chair indicated there would be changes such as roll call and asking Pam for her 3 top choices of goals for the coming year.  Pam indicated she addressed it in her report: Triad being number 1, Cable Access being number 2 and the transportation program number 3.  
Director’s Report:
  • Meeting on 9/29/11 here at the center was attended by Tony Boulette from the Worcester Sheriff’s office, Chief Darrin and I.  Chief Parsons came in as the meeting ended but Mr. Boulette stayed and went over the program.
  • Paperwork for the Triad will be done in early December.  That will enable the town to participate in: iris scanning, house numbering, dinner supplied by the sheriff’s dept., and possibly an Are You Okay program.
  • I will be attending the Sheriff’s breakfast on 10/12/11.
Cable Access
  • Meeting on 9/28/11 with station manager Aaron Keys
  • We will now record Senior Solutions at the studio.  It will more professional.  Our plan is to tape as many as we can in a short amount of time to broadcast one per month to start with.
  • Aaron suggested getting a senior to senior program which I wrote a letter to Dr. Namin concerning this.  I told him I am interested in doing a “Senior Prom” in the spring and it would be great to have the seniors at the high school participate.  
  • Adam Gaudette and I will be formulating a transportation program based on the surrounding communities.  We have spoken of this and are setting up a meeting after the town meeting.
  • The amount of hours here has to be increased.  I am always adding programs and presentations to my already busy schedule and am in need of more hrs.  This was voted on 3 meetings ago and the Town Administrator should be leaned on more to increase those hours.  The benefit fight is ridiculous.  Adam was receiving benefits as town planner and Paul as Administrator.  Now the town planner is part time shared with Leicester.  There should be a slot for benefits open.
Friends Group:
  • We will have a meeting for the friends group in the beginning of November.  I need time to notify everyone.  Donation account will be set up to raise fees for the 501 (c) (3).                        Bill indicated the fees were as follows:  Filing with the State will be $35, with the Attorney General’s office will be $50, and an annual report cost of $15.  After it is established, it should cost $400 per year.  At the November meeting, the bylaws will be submitted for a vote, and then the paperwork can be filed on line.  Bill suggested asking the selectman for donations.  
The question of a board liaison came up and Pam indicated there was none appointed yet.  
Treasurer’s Report:
Rent and Expenses: $9,056.08
Payroll: $13,629.37
Grant (FY11) - $865.68   FY 12 has not arrived yet.  Contract was sent via email today for signature.  Our new amount is $15238 due to the increase in the population over 60.  However, we did report $1810.53.  Bill made a motion to accept the director’s and treasurer’s reports, Marge seconded the motion and the motion passed.
A discussion ensued concerning finding a suitable place for the senior center.  Space is important but also accessibility for people who walk.  Bill made a motion to submit a request with the Capital Planning board for a feasibility study.  Marge seconded the motion and the motion passed.
Bill made a motion to adjourn at 6:55  motion passed.


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