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Chestnut Street Improvement Project
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Last Updated: 2018/12/27
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Last Updated: 2018/4/2

    2017-01-31 Chestnut Street Improvement Project - Colorized .jpg

The Chestnut Street Improvement Project has been completed. Now that the contractor has left the construction site, the time for corrections has passed.
On-street parking is prohibited from 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM for construction activities. Work zones will be closed to through-traffic during those hours as well.

The Town received notice of award on 7/20/2017 that we received our requested CDBG Grant fund for the Chestnut Street project. The grant award is for $788,890. The Town will be responsible for approximately $600,000 in matching funds. The total estimated project costs are $1,388,890.


Sidewalks, Ramps and Curbing
The existing sidewalks on Chestnut Street are in poor condition and will be replaced with new bituminous concrete sidewalks. Existing wheelchair ramps do not meet current accessibility standards and also need to be replaced. At other locations, new wheelchair ramps need to be installed. New transition granite curbing will be installed as well as granite curb inlets at all catch basins. At other locations, existing granite curbing will be removed and reset. Additionally, at other locations, where no curbing exists, used curbing provided by the Town of Spencer will be installed.

Road Surface
The existing road surface of Chestnut Street was found to be in poor condition characterized as having moderate alligator cracking in many places, some transverse and longitudinal cracking with some potholes beginning to appear throughout the area. At the conclusion of all new utility work, the full width of the roadway will be reconstructed including a 4-inch pavement overlay from curb to curb. The areas that are undisturbed by utility work and are in good condition will be milled and followed by a 2-inch overlay pavement installed curb to curb.

Drainage System
The existing drainage system on Chestnut Street was found to be in poor condition. The drainage structures are in disrepair and reduce the ability of the area to handle any significant amount of stormwater, which is a direct contributor to the deterioration of the road surfaces. Stantec has designed modifications to the storm drain system to serve the project area. This would involve the installation of new catch basins, manholes and piping.

Sewer System
The existing sewer system on Chestnut Street was found to be in poor condition. Stantec recommended that much of the sewer main be replaced. This would involve the installation of new manholes, sewer main and service replacement.

Water System
The existing water main on Chestnut Street has recently been replaced. Stantec recommended that the water main system needs no further upgrade.

Wall System
The existing granite wall on the south side of Chestnut Street at House #71 is in poor condition.

Spencer Construction Updates Email List
Regarding all planned and ongoing construction projects this office provides up to date notices using our construction updates email list. If you wish to be on our construction project status and updates email update list please send an email requesting to be placed on the Spencer Construction updates list to Please include “Spencer Construction Updates” in your email subject line. A majority to all of our larger road and infrastructure (i.e., water and sewer) construction project updates will be made electronically using this email list. Also, we try to provide advanced notification of other utility projects (i.e., National Grid Gas) whenever possible.


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