About Us

Massachusett's law requires the Assessors to list and value all real personal property as of January 1st. All assessed values in Massachusetts are based on "full and fair cash value." The assessors are responsible for meeting the all requirement of the Department of Revenue. In order to meet these requirements, the assessors are obligated to do an interim year adjustment to all properties annually, and once every five years must do a complete revaluation.


  • Abutters list
  • Address changes
  • Annual classification hearing
  • Chapter land valuations & applications review
  • Motor vehicle excise tax billing & abatements
  • New growth
  • Owner updates
  • Personal property forms of list
  • Property / parcel information
  • Property map data updates
  • Real estate personal tax exemptions
  • Real estate & personal property tax abatements
  • Reviewing 3abc exemptions forms
  • Submitting fiscal year recapulation sheet to dept of revenue for tax rate approval
  • Supplemental tax billing

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Linda LeBlanc Principal Assessor
Elaine Jaquith Principal Clerk