Duties & Responsibilities

The Board of Assessors is responsible for determining the fair and equitable valuation of all real and personal property in the Town, in accordance with MGL Chapter 59, Section 38. The values generated by the Assessors are updated annually. The valuation date is January 1st. The values are reviewed and certified by the Department of Revenue after which time the Tax Rate is submitted and approved by Department of Revenue. The Assessors' Office creates the bills and commits the amount to the Collector/Treasurer. Real and personal property tax bills are issued Quarterly. The Assessors' Office also commit all motor vehicle and boat excise to the Collector/Treasurer throughout the year as the Registry of Motor Vehicles sends files to our office.

Some of the other services provided by the Assessors' Office include: Hold Annual Classification Hearing Review and act upon abatement requests for real estate and personal property; Review and act upon abatement requests for motor vehicle excise; Review and act upon personal exemptions for real estate (Elderly, Veterans, Blind, Surviving Spouse); Review and act upon applications for classification of real estate as agricultural/horticultural, forestry or recreational land; Provide property information to brokers, appraisers, attorneys and the general public; Certify abutter’s lists; Update assessments based upon building permit work and maintain data base for ownership; Update Tax maps annually and GIS database; Cyclical Inspections.