Building / Construction

Our Mission

The Office of Development & Inspectional Services provides assistance to individuals and contractors wishing to do construction in the Town of Spencer. The Office also serves to enforce regulations of the Town Bylaws and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Building Code. The following building and construction activities are handled in the Office of Development & Inspectional Services:


Inspection Requests:
Building Inspections call 508-885-7500 ext 180 ( Monica Santerre-Gervais or Duane Amos Cell Phone 774-622-9333)
Electrical Inspections call 774-578-3581 (Norman Bassett)
Plumbing Inspections call 508-885-2400 (Robert Wall)
Gas Inspections call 508-885-6617 (James Bergeron)

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Norman Bassett Wiring Inspector (774) 578-3581
James Bergeron Gas Inspector (508) 885-6617
Bob Wall Plumbing Inspector (508) 885-2400
Duane Amos Building Inspector 508-885-7500 ext 129
Monica Santerre-Gervais Senior Clerk 508-885-7500 ext 124