Building a NEW Single Family Home?

Application for a Building Permit to the Town of Spencer must include a completed Building Permit Application, Building Plans, a Certified Plot Plan, a current Certificate of Insurance  and  Insurance Affidavit, copy of Construction Supervisor License,  a Home Improvement Registration Affidavit with copy of the registration  (if applicable), and the appropriate fee.  Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

All Building Permit Application Forms must be filled out accurately and completely.  Please print legibly or type the information. The permit location must include the house number and full street name.  Approval required from all applicable departments or the necessary copy of documentation from said department.

All applications must be signed by the owner of record.
                        TOWN COLLECTOR for verification that all taxes have been paid

                        BOARD OF ASSESSORS for map, parcel and house number.
                        BOARD OF HEALTH for well and/or septic system.
                        CONSERVATION COMMISSION for wetland issues.
                        SEWER/WATER DEPARTMENT for town connections.
                        HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT for driveway permit and Scenic Road permit.
                        FIRE DEPARTMENT for new construction/ bedroom additions/ all commercial

All applications must include a current Certificate of Insurance indicating Workers’ Compensation Insurance with the Town of Spencer listed as the certificate holder for all contractors working on site and completed Workers’ Compensation Insurance Affidavit signed by the contractor or the property owner.

All proposed home improvement work, including accessory structures and in-ground swimming pools, require a completed Home Improvement Registration Affidavit signed by the contractor or the property owner.

An accurate Plot Plan must be submitted for all new construction.  The plan must be drawn to scale and must show all boundaries, frontage and setbacks.  All existing and proposed structures must be clearly shown.  Plan must have an original seal and signature of a registered land surveyor.

Bring (2) sets of plans to the fire department for review (if applicable).  One complete set of Building Plans must be submitted with the application.  This set will be kept on file with the Development & Inspectional Services Department.  The other set of plans is required to be on site and accessible to the contractor and/or Inspector at all times.  All plans are to be legible and identified as to job sight and owner.  The plans must include:

Scale: Plans to be drawn to scale, with scale clearly indicated on all prints.

Elevations: Plans must show all sides of buildings in their finished state and include approximated site elevations.

Foundation Plan: Plan showing in detail all footings, foundation walls, drops and frost walls.

Floor Plans: Plan of each floor dimensioned clearly identifying all rooms, closets, stairwells, etc.

Framing Plans: Plans to include deck framing plan for each floor area proposed showing all openings with framing details and spans clearly listed. Exterior wall framing plans showing spans and size of all openings with header sizes  clearly indicated.  Insulation type, thickness, R-value, sheathing thickness, wrap and finish materials to be clearly indicated. Roof framing plan showing framing size, spacing and pitch.  Also clearly identify:  sheathing thickness and type, felt type and weight; roofing material type and weight; and insulation and ventilation sizes and types.

Window / Door Schedule: Plans to have a list of all windows and door sizes and styles.  List can be on separate page or incorporated on other pages provided they are clearly listed.

Trusses / Engineered Beams: All engineered components shown must be accompanied by a drawing with original engineer’s seal.  All steel shown to be accompanied with size weight/web calculations and  accompanied by drawing with engineer’s seal.

Energy Conservation Application Form: MASSCheck Software Report / Component Performance (manual trade-off worksheet)

Smoke Detector System: Plans to show location, type, manufacturer and model numbers of all components.