FAQ’s about Electrical, Plumbing and Gas work

Where can I get applications and fee schedules?     
Applications are available at the Office of Development and Inspectional Services in the Town Hall or on the Town website  www.spencerma.gov     

Who are the inspectors?
Wiring Inspector—Norman Bassett
Plumbing Inspector—Robert Wall
Gas Inspector—James Bergeron

What are the consequences of working without a permit?
Possible suspension of license and/or fines.

How long is a permit open for?
One year.

How can I check if my electrician, plumber or gas fitter is licensed? 
By calling the Division of Professional Licensure
Main at (617) 727-3074 OR TTY at (617) 727-2099
OR MA License Lookup

Can the town recommend an electrician, plumber or gas fitter? 
No, it would be considered a conflict of interest.

How much will the application fee cost? 
The fee is determined on the type of work being preformed.  Fee schedules can be found on the town website on the same page as the applications