Project Status

Please visit the left sidebar for a list of projects in Spencer Massachusetts.

FMPC Project 2019-2020 Construction

Road Paving begins Saturday September 26th. Please visit our project site for more information. The project site will be updated regularlly so please check back frequently for updates. 

A Road Closure App has also been developed, CLICK HERE. This App will be updated daily to reflect the current closures due to the FMPC and other Highway Projects. Please check back regularlly for updates on closures. 

* If you live in the Closure Zone, speak to one of the Detail Officers as the construction is always moving and you may be able to access your homes without a detour. 

Donnelly Cross Road - Bridge Replacement

The Bridge Culvert for Donnelly Cross Road from the Moose Hill Reservoir to Sugden Lake will be completly removed and replaced starting October 12, 2020. The Road will remain closed through December while we replace this structure with a new pre-cast three sided box culvert.