Route 31 (Maple St & Charlton Rd) Reconstruction Project

Route 31 (Maple St. and Charlton Rd.) Reconstruction Project Status
We are excited to announce that this project is now complete. The contractor has finished all drainage improvements, paving, roadside treatments, signage and line painting. Now that the contractor has left the site, the opportunity for changes and corrections has passed.
Please drive safely and adhere to Speed Limits, 40 MPH rurally from the Charlton Town Line and changing to 25 MPH north of Vista Lane, at all times.
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Completed Improvements:
The project is nearly complete with work into September 2018 at the latest. The project included the following improvements:
  • Reclaiming Route 31 from the Charlton Town line to Bemis St (3.7 miles) to a depth of 12 inches and putting down 7.25 inches of new Superpave in 3 lifts.
  • South of Howe Road, we’re planning on 26 feet of width. North of Howe Road, we’re planning on 28 feet of width.
  • Replacing all guardrails.
  • Updating existing / installing proposed drainage improvements.
  • Bacon Hill Road / Cranberry Meadow Road intersection safety improvements consisting of sight improvements in the northeast quadrant.
  • East Charlton Road intersection safety improvements consisting of the complete realignment of the intersection to a typical "T" intersection.
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