Townwide Roadway Construction Begins on July 25

Paxton Rd Start

Townwide Roadway Paving begins on Paxton Road on July 25, 2022.

P. J. Albert of Fitchburg has been contracted with the Town to provide Pavement Construction services this year on the following roads:

Paxton Rd. - From Route 9 to 700' beyond Gold Nugget Rd (approx. 8200'), Berm both sides between Sherman Grove and Gold Nugget Rd.;

Gold Nugget Rd. - From Paxton Rd. to Wire Village Rd. (approx. 710'), Berm both sides;

Donnelly Cross Rd. – From Shaw Brook to Town Line (approx. 660'), Berm both sides between Fishing Access North and Top of Hill plus approx. 200’ over Shaw Brook Bridge;

Duggan St. – Between Grove St. and Highland St. (approx. 370');

Brown St. – Between Grove St. and Highland St. (approx. 775');

Pope St. – Between Starr St. and  Brown St. (approx. 215');

Northwest Rd. – Between North Spencer Rd. and Brooks Pond Rd. (approx. 8150');

Brooks Pond Cross Rd. – Between Brooks Pond Rd. and Northwest Rd. (approx. 3100').