Spencer Parks

Pond and trees

Bemis Memorial Park

Bemis Memorial Park, located on a knoll on the north side of Route 9 just west of the Seven Mile River, commemorates Samuel Bemis, the first permanent European settler of Spencer, and Captain Edmund Bemis, who served in the French and Indian War. Designated a state roadside rest area, the small park contains monuments and two Parrott guns (cannons) used in the Civil War. 

Buck Hill Dam & Conservation Center

The Buck Hill Dam & Conservation Center consists of 128 acres of the Camp Marshall 4-H Center. Located in north Spencer on McCormick Road, Buck Hill features nature trails and a 10 acre fish pond.

Burncoat Pond Wildlife Sanctuary

The Burncoat Pond Wildlife Sanctuary, a 64 acre parcel purchased by the Massachusetts Audubon Society in 2006, includes woods, a small pond, and trails. It is accessible from Greenville Street and also from the Midstate Trail near the Spencer-Leicester town line.

Camp Marshall Worcester County 4-H Center

The Camp Marshall Worcester County 4-H Center, located at 92 McCormick Road, encompasses approximately three hundred acres of pastures, woods, and ponds. Established on the site of the former Civilian Conservation Corps and National Youth Administration camp in 1945, Camp Marshall is a traditional camp featuring swimming, fishing, horseback riding, and barnyard and nature programs.

Four Chimneys Recreation Area

The Four Chimneys Recreation Area is a 200 acre wildlife management area managed by the Commonwealth Division of Fisheries and Wildlife. Located on Borkum Road, a designated scenic road, Four Chimneys is traversed by a section of the Midstate Trail.

Spencer State Forest/Howe State Park

Spencer State Forest/Howe State Park, is a scenic 965 acre recreational area offering hiking, canoeing, fishing, and picnicking, as well as cross country skiing and snowmobiling in the winter. It contains a fieldstone monument marking the birthplace of Eilas Howe (inventor of the sewing machine) and the original stone doorsteps of the house. The park is located on Howe Pond Road, off Route 31 south of Route 9.

Isaac Prouty Park

Isaac Prouty Park, located on Main Street near the old David Prouty High School, was a gift to the town from Isaac Lothrop Prouty, a nephew of Isaac Prouty, a prominent boot manufacturer. The park was presented to the town in 1905 and laid out with walkways, trees, and shrubs. On Patriot’s Day in 1911, the town honored the 319 Spencer men who had served in the Civil War by erecting a Soldiers Monument in the park.

Luther Hill Park

Luther Hill Park, which borders Lake Whittemore in the center of town, is a 14 acre recreational area with a pine grove, picnic tables, play ground, skateboard park, and disc golf course (donated and installed by the Spencer Lions Club). Named for judge, businessman, and civic leader Luther Hill, who donated the land to the town in 1888, the park is located at the end of Park Street off of Route 9. Swimming is not allowed.

Moose Hill Wildlife Management Area

Moose Hill Wildlife Management Area, managed by the Commonwealth Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, is a 560 acre property that straddles the towns of Paxton, Leicester, and Spencer. There is a levy (crossed by the Midstate Trail) and a small reservoir created in the 1960s for flood control. Spencer access is on Moose Hill Road. From Route 9, follow Donnelly Road to Donnelly Cross Road.

O'Gara Park

O'Gara Park originated in 1886, when the Spencer Baseball Association leased approximately eight acres at the end of Water Street for a baseball park. Eight years later, businessman and civic leader John O’Gara purchased the property for use as baseball and circus grounds. The town purchased the property in 1934, and many baseball, softball, and youth football teams play there today. The park’s historic wooden grandstand, constructed in 1931, is one of only three in the nation.

Powder Mill ParkPowder Mill Park playground and field

Powder Mill Park, on the southwest corner of Meadow Street (Route 31) and Smithville Road, takes its name from mills that made gunpowder along the nearby Seven Mile River. It contains playgrounds, picnic tables, and cookout facilities.

Ralph Warren Park

Ralph Warren Park is a small nature preserve featuring woodland trails. Located on Wire Village Road, across from the Seven Mile River and historic mill sites, the park was named for former Conservation Commissioner Ralph Warren. It was dedicated in 1978 by the U.S. Young Adult Conservation Corps.

Vietnam Memorial Park

Vietnam Memorial Park, located on South Spencer Road beside the South Spencer School, was the first of its kind in the nation. Dedicated on April 27, 1975, it pays tribute to the three Spencer men who lost their lives in the Vietnam War.